With over 15 years of running and racing experience, Teton Trail Coaching is here to help you reach your running goals. Our 1 on 1 approach helps athletes of all levels achieve their goals through consistent and goal-oriented work.
From the valley floors to the highest peaks, enjoy training for your next race with Teton Trail Coaching, the top trail running service in the Tetons.

Expert Coaching

Structured Training Plan

Get personalized coaching to improve your trail running performance and reach your full potential.

Race Preparation

Prepare for your upcoming races with a specialized training plan and guidance from an expert coach.

Strength Training

Enhance your running performance and reduce the risk of injuries with an individually tailored strength training programs.

Race Nutrition

Nutrition and fueling is an important part of training. Let's develop a race fueling strategy that doesn't leave you queasy or bonked on the side of the trail.

Consistent Communication

Consistent feedback on training runs via finalsurge. Guilt-free communication over text message with any questions, concerns, or comments on training. Let's chat!

Contact Us

Contact us with any of your running related questions