Hills Pay the Bills!

The Truth. There are many mantras and sayings that can be applied to training philosophy, but the truth is we are all very different, especially when it comes to running. Each and every athlete's training approach should directly correlate with their goals and what they want to get out of their program. Whether you are able to put in 5 or 25 hours a week towards your training, having a coach to help you make the most out of your time is crucial. Having a plan and trusting in the process is a key to running success.

Why TTC? There are plenty of cookie cutter "12 weeks to 50k" or "Run your next trail race like *insert professional athlete's name here" that are out there. These plans don't take into account an athlete's strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, injury history, etc. They aren't really all that specific to YOU. With TTC, you not only get 1:1 coaching, but you get a training plan that's fully customized to your life schedule. Big wedding in June? No problem. Vacation planned three weeks before your big race? We'll make it work. Kid's brought home the flu? Let's take a look at the schedule and move some things around to make it work for you. I don't believe it's fair to the athletes if a coach has too many clients, which is why I plan to only coach 15-20 total athletes. Life throws plenty of obstacles in the way, let TTC help make your training foolproof and specific to you and your life.

How does the coaching work? Each new athlete will fill out a "New Athlete" form that details training history, goals, work/life balance (time allotment), injury history, etc. These are the basics that will allow TTC to create a fully customized plan for each athlete. With a flexible and goal-oriented approach, athlete's are able to get the most out of their training while consistently having a coach on the other side of the data looking out for them.

What does working with TTC look like? Utilizing the platform and app FinalSurge, each athlete has their training schedule built on a weekly/bi-weekly/or monthly basis depending on athlete needs and schedule. No complicated spreadsheets, extra digital homework, or google drive documents! All you need is a GPS watch, a cell-phone, and a heart rate monitor (Not mandatory, but extremely helpful!). Most plans will include a tinkered combination of easy runs, long runs, fartleks, VO2Max work, hill work, strength training, and of course- more easy runs. We use a Zone 1-Zone5b approach to training to not only simplify, but to educate on the why, when, and how. Training doesn't need to be complicated, it needs to be specific.

How do I know if TTC is right for me? We're all at different stages of our athletic and aerobic development. Once a starting point is established, we can use that information to intelligently build a plan that helps athletes obtain their goals in the most efficient and time-conscious way possible. Whether you're signing up for your first cirque series race or training to be competitive on the international stage, TTC is here to help. If you want to take your Trail Running to the next level in the most efficient manner possible, shoot us an email!