An accomplished mountain runner and lively bartender living in Driggs, Idaho, Michelino grew up in Kings Beach, California, where his love for the mountains and the outdoors began as a young child. He began running competitively in high school and college, but by the end of his collegiate career, he found himself feeling burnt out by injury and the monotony of track and road running. It wasn't until he returned to the mountains that he reignited his passion for running. With a renewed sense of purpose, he began competing in local trail races and quickly established himself as one of the top mountain runners in the country.

For the last decade, Michelino honed his skills behind the bar, serving up drinks and conversation to locals and travelers alike. He brings that same approachable and friendly attitude to his running and outdoor pursuits.

Michelino's passion for the mountains and the outdoors extends beyond just running. He is an avid hiker and backcountry skier, and spends his free time exploring the backcountry of the Tetons with his partner Bri and their four fluffy dogs. When it comes to his running, Michelino is always pushing his limits and seeking out new challenges. He has set FKTs on several of the most challenging trails in the Tahoe Basin and the Tetons, and he has his sights set on breaking even more.

Michelino's approach to life is one of balance and simplicity. He believes in the beauty of living an active lifestyle and enjoying the outdoors, while not taking it too seriously and enjoying the simple things in life in the process. With the support of Bri and their four lovable pups, he's found the perfect balance of training hard and playing hard. In his free time, you can find him cracking open a cold beer, grilling up a steak for him and his loved ones, or hitting the backcountry for a ski sesh. Michelino's love for life is contagious and his sense of adventure is undeniable, he's truly living the dream.

Notable Accomplishments

1st- The Rut 50k, 2023 and 2021
1st- Speedgoat 50K, 2019
1st- Broken Arrow 46k, 2023
1st- Mt. Ashland Hill Climb, 2019
1st- Silver State 50K, 2019

2nd- Broken Arrow 52k, 2019

3rd- Speedgoat 50k, 2022


Haleakala Ascent (HI), 2023
Teton Circumnavigation (WY), 2022
Table Mountain (WY), 2022
Teton Crest Trail (WY), 2020
Mt. Tallac (CA), 2020


Fastest Known Time

Education and Qualification

Michelino has been digesting running related content and science for most of his life. If there's a book on running, it's most likely on Michelino's bookshelf. Sporting a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science: Pre-Physical Therapy, the education and learning hasn't stopped since graduation. Michelino has continued his education around running, strength training, movement and athleticism by taking the USATF level 1 coaching course, as well as the in-depth Foundations of Athleticism course offered in Jackson Hole, WY. With never-ending developments in the athletic world, you can count on Michelino to be in the know on any of the newest fads or trends (whether they are right or wrong) that are currently being talked about.